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New life to DDF with LNG

Published on 28 June 2017

The Landirenzo Diesel Dual Fuel gathers a higher gear and now goes hand in hand with liquid natural gas (LNG).

After finalizing the development of the LNG8 natural gas reducer (suitable for vehicles using high pressure injectors), the LNG2 reducer is now under development, suitable for low pressure injectors that can be used by LR Diesel Dual Fuel, but generally for mono-fuel LNG systems as well.

The use of DDF in cooperation with liquid natural gas had a good test bench thanks to the partnership with Socogas, which provided Landirenzo a test vehicle.

Thanks also to a R110-approved cryogenic tank, provided by HVM in Livorno, the project was based on the installation of a low-pressure LNG reducer.

By the end of 2016, Diesel Fuel Technology combined with LNG can be tested and homologated as an aftermarket solution.

The LNG issue is certainly a worldwide strategic option, representing a major industry-wide trend, today able to meet the needs of LD and HD vehicles.

Diesel Dual Fuel