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LR Brasil: partnership, roadshow and social network

Published on 28 June 2017

Over the past few weeks, the activities of Andrea Tagliavini team danced at samba rhythm.

Here is an important partnership with Gas Natural Fenosa, Spain's largest natural gas distributor in Rio and Brazil; besides, a roadshow dedicated to installers in the region of Santa Catarina.

Gas Natural Fenosa introduced the initiative to the LR Brasil workshops, showing them promotional billboards - based on particularly advantageous terms and conditions of payment - and highlighting a communication campaign not only aimed at the end customer, but to encourage workshops as well.

LR Brasil, for its part, has decided to put a specific label on the kits purchased within the project. Landi Renzo, as the exclusive partner of Gas Natural Fenosa, has built the project in team with the Spanish giant.

Andrea Tagliavini, managing director of LR Brasil, describes the spirit of the partnership: "We registered our sales record in 2016; now we have given priority to actions in order to consolidate our leadership in the country; we want to devote more and more attention to the final customer, so as to increase the brand awareness, to the point that every Brazilian who enters the workshop to convert his own vehicle, ask, indeed, pretend, a Landirenzo system. A very challenging goal, but we can get it thanks to my staff commitment and creativity ! "

As for the training roadshow for the workshops of the Santa Catarina region, it has been a perfect chance to present the new products in collaboration with the distributor of the area, GMV consultoria. The event took place in four different cities, one day each (Blumenau, Joinville, Tubarão, São José) and involved several workshops, in addition to an official of a vehicle inspection body. A repeat of the event is scheduled in the weeks to come in Sao Paulo and Rio regions as well.

Finally, LR Brazil also announces the landing in social networks: the new Facebook page is now online, in order to open a more direct dialogue with its customers: click a "Like" here: LR Brasil Facebook