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Dual Fuel systems: Diesel + Natural Gas

New life for Diesel engines thanks to diesel + natural gas!

The Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel system is an innovative sequential injection system designed by Landi Renzo for conversion of diesel engines on commercial and public transport vehicles into engines capable of running on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

The system's sophisticated special electronics blend the two fuels, giving preference to use of natural gas with the economic benefits this brings.

The Diesel Dual Fuel Electronic Control Unit calculates in real time the amount of diesel fuel it can decrease and the amount to be injected, ensuring the same power output and fewer pollutants compared to the original engine, thus reducing consumption and running costs while retaining the same lifespan and performance of the original engine.

Dual Fuel means:


The Diesel Dual Fuel system allows diesel engines to work with a mixture of diesel and natural gas, giving preference to natural gas to take advantage of the economic benefits.

Dual Fuel means:


A consolidated technology that has already been applied all over the world to medium and light commercial vehicles as well as heavy lorries.

Dual Fuel means:

Good for the environment

Dual Fuel systems permit a significant reduction in pollutants when compared with the same engine in diesel only mode.

The ecological, economical, safe solution for:

How the system works

Diesel Dual Fuel Feasibility list


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