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With an LPG or CNG system your life has an added plus!

Cut down on fuel costs.

How much, compared to a petrol-fuelled car?

Calculate savings

* The % depends on the actual cost of fuel and on the type of system installed

Breathe cleaner air

and take care of the planet.

Other reductions:

Play it safe and drive carefree.

In terms of safety, both LPG and CNG systems are subject to very stringent European standards.

There's more! Safety is also guaranteed by Landi Renzo. As a result of its ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 certifications, Landi Renzo subjects every product to rigorous testing.

Go anywhere without restrictions

No-traffic days and alternating licence plates on city roads are no longer a problem: in many cities* LPG or CNG powered vehicles are considered eco-friendly and therefore can circulate freely.
* To avoid nasty surprises, check the issuing order setting out the traffic restrictions in your city.

Make the ecological choice

LPG and CNG, Electric and Hybrid

LPG is a by-product of the crude oil refining process, but its combustion produces less carbon monoxide, nitrogen and unburned hydrocarbons than petrol or diesel. Furthermore, it does not produce aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur dioxide or particulate matter.

Natural Gas (or Natural Gas CH4) is the utmost in environmentally friendly fuels and one of the most plentiful in nature. Natural Gas contains no impurities, sulphur, lead compounds or aromatic hydrocarbons, and produces no particulate matter or combustion residue.

The electricity that powers electric cars still originates from coal power plants and not from sustainable and renewable sources. In addition, the disposal of batteries has a negative impact on the environment.

The electric engine of hybrid vehicles, which can only be used at low speeds, requires the petrol engine to be running in order to "recharge". In this case too, the petrol engine can be converted with an LPG or CNG system.

Rev up to the max!

Worried LPG or CNG fuelling
will worsen your vehicle's performance compared to petrol?

With Landi Renzo,
you are sure of making a quality choice

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