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NGVA Europe supports the "well to the wheel" approach

Published on 30 November 2017

NGVA Europe welcomed the publication of the mobility package by the European Commission, underlining the importance of adopting a comprehensive approach to assess the environmental benefits of the various mobility solutions.

According to Andrea Gerini, secretary general of NGVA Europe, "the Commission's objective of reducing CO2 emissions from transport to 30% by 2030 is ambitious, but including a well-to-wheel approach we could also accelerate this transition. This means considering not only exhaust emissions, but also emissions from fuel supply.

This approach ensures a fair and complete assessment of CO2 emissions and the decarbonization effect of any different technology. It also allows a wide range of renewable energy sources, including renewable gases, in the transport sector."

In parallel with the development of electric mobility, advantageous solutions are now available, in terms of CO2, equivalent and in some cases even better than electric vehicles. CNG vehicles, for example, already provide the benefits of a low carbon fuel, which becomes "carbon Neutral" with renewable gas.

Moreover, thanks to a better overall performance, LNG applied to freight transport could accelerate the renewal of the circulating fleet, getting a more significant reduction in harmful emissions.