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Natural gas is a key in FCA-ENI agreement

Published on 30 November 2017

The leaders of Eni and Fca, Claudio Descalzi and Sergio Marchionne, in the presence of the Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint development of research projects and technological applications to reduce CO2 emissions in road transport.

Among the areas of collaboration, the use of natural gas in transport plays a central role, given its undisputed ecological value.

On the occasion, Marchionne said: "I believe that Italy is a model to follow, as well as an almost unique example in Europe. In other countries, we see push actions towards the introduction of some technologies instead of other ones, without taking into account the overall environmental impact or the real effectiveness of the investments required. On the contrary, the Italian Government chose to remain technologically neutral, setting ambitious objectives in the national energy strategy, but leaving the freedom to reach them by exploiting all available technologies, in a combined way. This means adopting a technological and non-ideological approach”.