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Landi Renzo S.p.A. gives an LPG plant to ITIS Nobili to be fitted in the Institutes car.

Published on 30 March 2007

Saturday 31st March the delivery ceremony during a meeting called “LPG and CNG plants: solutions for eco-sustainable mobility”.

An LPG Landi Renzo plant to be fitted in the car of the upper academic Institute “ITIS Nobili” will be officially handed over by Stefano Landi, the Managing Director of Landi Renzo S.p.A., to Rolando Valli, the headmaster, on Saturday 31st March at 11:00 in the assembly hall of the institute in Via Makallè.

The topics related to eco-sustainable mobility will therefore be discussed in detail together with young students from the institute during a meeting to be held in the morning, called “GPL and CNG plants: solutions for eco-sustainable mobility”. The Landi Renzo company and its products will be proposed in the framework of a case study by Engineer Goliardo Beneventi, a teacher of mechanics and technology at the ITIS evening courses, and by Engineer Donald Nosari, the technical assistance and applications manager of Landi Renzo S.p.A.

The levels of pollution of our cities, generated most of all by the Pm 10, are having very strong effects on the lives of all of us. The traffic limits set by public Administrations, legally in charge of public health, represent an obligation that the should all be subject to, without however representing a real solution to the problem of air pollution.

The use of alternative fuels to the by-products of petrol, available to all and immediately available, is therefore a requirement felt in the majority of people with a high level of sensitivity and attention to the environment, creating a feeling of optimism for the development of our future.

The eco- incentives provided for by the Government, regions and individual provincial and local administrations for the installation of LPG and CNG plants or the purchase of a new car already fitted with a specific plant, represents further stimulation to move towards the respect of public health and savings due to lower purchase costs of eco-sustainable fuels.

There are many benefits: from the positive effects on the health of citizens and those on the balance of the Government, due to limited health costs and the effects of diversification in terms of supplies.
The research, experimentation and technological innovation prepared by Landi Renzo S.p.A., an international leader in the production of LPG and CNG power system, represent the most efficient and immediate solution for eco-sustainable mobility, without having to sacrifice performance and safety.