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The Landi Renzo RFID Trace Project Wins the 2008 RFID AWARD

Published on 14 April 2008

Landi Renzo's item tracking project, which uses radio frequency technology, has won the 2008 RFID Award given by the Carlo Cattaneo-LIUC University of Castellanza and the Cedites Studies Centre.

Landi Renzo confirms its commitment to its policy of focussing on customer satisfaction. After the world's first ISO 9001 certification project of its network of Authorised Garages and Retailers, which currently has some 270 certified units throughout Italy, in early 2008 it launched another innovative project related to goods tracking.

The Landi Renzo RFID Trace project envisages the introduction of an applicative and technical solution in the production stage whereby inserted in each kit is an RFID tag, on which identification codes of components are recorded (creating a sort of black box of the system).
During the installation stage of the system, the installer writes the information about the vehicle on the RFID tag, creating a unique connection to the kit. The Landi Renzo RFID Trace system utilises recorded data to automate the warranty activation process, by sending information to the company portal.
Afterwards, anyone belonging to the network of authorised dealers may read the information stored on the tag and update it following any maintenance job. The collected information is sent to the company's website, allowing Landi Renzo to always dispose of any information concerning its goods on the market.

In this way, the network of Landi Renzo authorised garages may always have the history of any system under control with all repairs made and the identification codes of any component ever installed. Therefore they may consistently assure drivers about the quality and genuineness of the components installed and repairs done on systems, to improve the spare parts handling process and to make the warranties handling process efficient and efficacious through regular performance of the required maintenance jobs.

This important and innovative Landi Renzo project has won the 2008 RFID Award given by the Carlo Cattaneo-LIUC University of Castellanza in collaboration with the Cedites Studies Centre in the supply chain projects category. This award confirms the project's high level and its efficacy in reaching set objectives.