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Landi Renzo makes a treble hit at the 10th Ecorally

Published on 15 May 2015

A car in the race, a new app and a new hybrid aftermarket technology

"From May 15 through 17, Regularity is Green". This is the slogan of the 10th Ecorally, an event organized by the San Marino Racing Organization valid for the Fia Alternative Energies Cup and the Italian Aci Sport Championship.

Promoted by Assogasliquidi/Federchimica and Consorzio Ecogas in partnership with Uiga - Italian Union Automotive Journalists - with the support of the Office of the Secretary of State for Land and Environment and the Office of the Secretary of State for
Sports, the competition will see drivers, reporters and ordinary citizens shoulder to shoulder on the starting line in vehicles powered by LPG, natural gas and other alternative fuels.

The rally will depart San Marino on May 16 and arrive in Rome in time for the Angelus at St. Peter's the next day, stopping along the way in Sansepolcro, Arezzo, Terme di Saturnia and Soriano nel Cimino.

Landi Renzo, a champion of ecological mobility for more than 60 years, will participate in the event with three initiatives:

  • A Subaru XV 1.6 euro 5 (114 CV) bifuel vehicle with a Landirenzo LPG system will run in the rally. This is a car which
    uses alternative fuel to cut CO2 emissions from 151 g/km to 136 g/km. Its autonomy on LPG is 350 km, and the savings resulting from use of this alternative fuel exceed 40%.
  • The Subaru XV also features Landirenzo connect, a highly innovative Machine to Machine technology. The Connect system s a tool for connecting the control unit of the natural gas system with your martphone through an app, providing you with important information:
    o   data in your car's fuel consumption and maintenance
    o   suggestions for economical, ecological driving
    o   a map of your nearest dealers and garages

For more information:

On May 15, during the technical and administrative checks prior to the rally, the automotive press will be presented with the new HERS - Hybrid Electric Retrofit System - technology for converting existing vehicles for hybrid fuel. This innovative device is currently undergoing experimentation with the Ministry of Transport: trouble-free installation of two electric motors in the wheel rims of the rear axle allows HERS to transform the vehicle it is assembled on from a vehicle powered by simple thermal propulsion (petrol or diesel) to a hybrid drive (thermal-electric), without making any changes to the braking system or the rear suspensions and without any work on the front drive. Total installed electrical power peaks at 24 kW (10 s) with a continual power of 7 kW, while wheel torque is 700 and 170 Nm respectively. Electric drive is used during pick-up and stable running at low speed (Vvett<60 Km/h), backing up the thermal engine in areas where it is less efficient and consumption and toxic emissions are therefore higher. HERS is particularly energy efficient in city driving, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions. The system makes it possible to use a temporary 4WD system in emergency situations with poor adhesion (snow, ice, mud), permitting a definite improvement in vehicle control. The technology will be presented on an Alfa Romeo Mi.To. at the event.