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Landi Renzo gold sponsor of the Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014

Published on 17 October 2014

In Milan, on October 22nd, the Italian leg of the touring Rally

Landi Renzo was a Gold Sponsor of - and contributed a Fiat Ducato with the Diesel Dual Fuel system to - the Italian leg of the eighth Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014, an event that aims to demonstrate the benefits of the transportation fuel of the future (and present): natural gas.

The event was promoted by NGV Italy, the Italian Association of Natural Gas Vehicles, and was sponsored by the regional authorities of Lombardy.

The touring rally, organised by the Russian giant Gazprom, kicked off in St. Petersburg on 7 October and ended in Moscow on 31 October 2014, covering a total of 6,600 km through intermediate stages in other 10 countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Belarus.

The Blue Corridor NGV Rally 2014 was not just a parade of clean, inexpensive and safe cars. A panel discussion was held at each stage, offering a glimpse into the future of transportation. These were attended by industry representatives, politicians and environmentalists, who illustrated the environmentally friendly characteristics of natural gas to journalists and everyday fans of green mobility.

The eighth rally focused especially on promoting the creation of the infrastructure required to create a "natural gas road in Europe".