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Landi Renzo at Autopromotec 2009 - Bologna, May 20/24

Published on 20 May 2009

Landi Renzo S.p.A. will be among the exhibitors at the upcoming Autopromotec, in hall 32 - stand A9 at the Bologna Exhibition Centre. The company's stand will be divided into two separate areas illustrating key new developments:

  • A "techno" area presenting innovations such as the "All in one" tool, the RFID project, special conversion kits and the electronic reducer.
  • A "promotion" area for finding out more about the Landirenzo Gold Service initiative and the Fingas funding programme.

There will also be plenty of visibility and information on the Italian network's ISO 9001 Certification programme: Landirenzo already has 347 ISO 9001 certified workshops.


"All in one" and RFID

To provide its Authorised Workshops with all the tools they need for optimal installation and maintenance of LPG and Natural Gas systems, Landi Renzo will be providing its sales network with Personal Computers which are expressly designed for workshops and therefore resistant to shock upon falling, exposure to liquids and dirt, and have long-lasting batteries. The name chosen for this product is the Landi Renzo "All in one", as it will include all the dedicated software required for installation and maintenance of Landi Renzo's LPG and Natural Gas systems as well as a scan tool permitting real-time consultation of the vehicle's gas and petrol parameters. Landi Renzo "All in One" is an excellent platform for which LR technicians are working on other high tech applications such as automatic software updates, remote technical assistance, and management of the Landi Renzo RFID reading/writing device.

In order to continue improving product traceability, this new technology involves application of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology to LPG and natural gas systems, for the first time in the industry. This device is a sort of "black box" installed in Landi Renzo kits in which all operations performed on the kit, from production through to installation and maintenance, are recorded with the aid of radio reading/writing devices installed in Landi Renzo Authorised Workshops. LANDIRENZO RFID PROJECT will be available in the second half of 2009, permitting registration of the serial numbers of all components installed on the vehicle as well as any spare parts and keeping track of all maintenance work performed, providing an additional guarantee of quality for end users and workshops alike throughout the product's entire lifespan. All transactions will be memorised in the RFID TAGS applied to the system and sent by web from the service centre to the central Landi Renzo database, where they will be analysed to permit rapid response to any technical problems that may arise with the vehicle/kit combination and analyse any defects online.

Special kits

Landi Renzo considers it essential to provide workshops with special conversion kits already pre-set for specific models of cars.

The benefits for installers are clear:

  • Installers find everything they need in the kit, and don't need to add any other components (brackets, wiring, etc.)
  • "Step by step" installation instructions based on Landi Renzo's decades of know-how, with clear, detailed instructions
  • Calibration file designed and made by Landi Renzo, cutting down time and the chance of error and ensuring that the car will work perfectly immediately after completion of the installation phase


The electronic reducer

Landi Renzo is increasingly using advanced technologies and analysis methods to develop new components that make the company even more competitive on the market.

This is the context of development of a new pressure reducer with "intelligent" features.

The component primarily consists of an electronically controlled mobile element which can create a variation in flow and therefore pressure coming out of the reducer.

The particular features of the electronic pressure reducer are:

  • Possibility of electronic pressure control during vehicle operation
  • Automatic adaptation capacity
  • Possibility of easy diagnosis with advanced recovery strategies in the event of a fault
  • Greater versatility
  • Greater safety


Landi Renzo Gold Service

This is an important new initiative intended to offer Landi Renzo Workshops an additional commercial tool for boosting the volume of their sales.

LANDIRENZO GOLD SERVICE is the product of a three-way agreement Landi Renzo S.p.A. has signed with ACI GLOBAL S.p.A. of the ACI group, AROBASE S.R.L. and ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI S.p.A.   

The promotion targets end users with 3 services:

  • LANDIRENZO Mobilitycard - Mobility services (emergency assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.)
  • LANDIRENZO Mydreamcard - 2 x 1 Vacation Formula
  • An extension of insurance on correct installation of LPG/Natural Gas systems from 1 to 2 years


Another promotion is the Landirenzo Fingas programme allowing end users to finance the purchase and assembly of an LPG or Natural Gas system under particularly advantageous conditions.


ISO 9001 Network Certification

At Autopromotec Landi Renzo will underline the results achieved by the ISO 9001 Certification Programme in its Italian network, aimed at extending ISO 9001 processes, procedures and quality standards to Landi Renzo Resellers and Authorised Workshops. A key feature of Landi Renzo Italian network's ISO 9001 system is the fact that all documentation, procedures and forms are available to the network in the restricted section of the internet site Landirenzo already has 347 certified workshops.

Why Autopromotec?

Landi Renzo will be exhibiting the well-known Fiat 500 Flower at its 130 m2 stand: the vehicle epitomising the economic and ecological value and freedom to travel inherent in alternative LPG and Natural Gas fuels.

97% of the energy consumed on our roads comes from oil. But today there is growing demand for alternative fuels that respond to the pressing need to reduce polluting emissions.

Visitors to Autopromotec 2009 will be able to monitor progress in the latest new technologies in the sector, in which Landi Renzo is a world leader in terms of both numbers and ability to innovate.