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Landi Renzo and the Alfa Romeo MiTo: the first LPG Turbo engine

Published on 30 October 2009

The 1.4 Alfa Romeo MiTo Turbo is the first Turbo bifuel engine to be designed, built and guaranteed by the manufacturers themselves.

Something truly new, developed in partnership with Landi Renzo.

CO2 emissions are 131 g/km., associating the traditional concentrate of power of the Serpent (120 HP in this case) with respect for the environment and lower operating costs.

A maximum torque of 206 Nm (21 kgm), already available at 1750 rpm, offers truly outstanding performance, the highest of all for LPG engines up to two litres.

The partnership between Landi Renzo and Alfa Romeo has produced a particularly well‐tuned project, limiting the weight of installations to keep weight to power ratio below 10 kg/HP, another absolute record in its category.

The power and performance of a true sports car is combined with a total autonomy of more than 1200 km, putting the car at the top of its category, and savings of about 50% over petrol‐fuelled versions with the same power for every 100 km travelled in a combined cycle; the MiTo LPG Turbo 120 HP can be filled up for only 21 euro.

The toroidal (doughnut‐shaped) LPG tank with a useable capacity of 39 litres is located where the spare wheel usually goes to leave the usable volume of the boot unaltered. To ensure outstanding dynamic behaviour, special attention has been paid to the study of distribution of weight and therefore allocation of the tank, which does not shift the centre of gravity of the vehicle or of the other components specific to the LPG system for maximum safety in the event of accident.

The new version of the Alfa Romeo MiTo is designed to run on either petrol or LPG independently: the engine is always started up with petrol, and automatically switches to LPG after a few seconds, once the alternative mode has been selected. There is of course also a special button for switching between fuels while travelling. If the car runs out of LPG, it will automatically and imperceptibly switch to petrol, while continuing to drive smoothly.

LPG is a “clean” fuel now available everywhere: it cuts particulate emissions to zero and greatly reduces other polluting emissions (up to 15% less carbon dioxide, up to 20% les carbon monoxide and up to 60% less uncombusted hydrocarbons). These features ensure that LPG makes the engine last longer, reducing oil consumption and improving environmental quality. LPG‐fuelled vehicles are exempt from restrictions on access to city centres and traffic restrictions, and can be parked in garages up to one level below ground. The LPG distribution network now covers all of Italy with about 2400 service stations.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo LPG Turbo was designed to respond to growing demand. In Italy, the number of LPG‐fuelled vehicles rose 140% between 2007 and 2008. And the trend is growing exponentially in 2009: by September, one out of every five cars sold was natural gas or LPG‐fuelled.

Alfa Romeo decided to come onto the scene with a system designed, built and guaranteed by the Serpent itself in partnership with Landi Renzo.