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The first bi-fuel MINI “takes off” with Landi Renzo technology

Published on 23 September 2009

Another prestigious brand to add to the list of automobile‐makers who have chosen Landi Renzo as their bi‐fuel technology partner: MINI, whose dealers will be taking orders for the MINI RAY G, the first LPG‐fuelled MINI, starting on September 18.

The choice offers further evidence of the increasing popularity of petrol/LPG cars today: in the first 8 months of 2009, 19% of all newly registered cars were bi‐fuel.

Landi Renzo has confirmed its position of leadership, as its alternative fuel technologies have been chosen not only by Mini but by another major automobile‐maker: BMW AG.

Vehicles are transformed for the bi‐fuel system at Landi Renzo’s plant in Torrile (PR).

The MINI RAY G, fitted with a 1.4 Euro 4 engine, consumes only 7.1 litres of LPG per 100 km in its EU combined cycle, with a total autonomy of more than 1100 km thanks to its 40 litre petrol tank (enough for about 750 km in the combined cycle) and a 30 litre LPG tank (effective capacity 24 litres) permitting drivers to travel up to 340 km out of town at a cost of only €15.

The vehicle offers obvious benefits for the environment too: 115 g/km CO2, 10% less than petrolfuelled cars.

The difference in performance when switching between petrol and LPG is imperceptible, preserving that “go‐kart feeling” that has made the MINI so popular.

There are also very few differences in the layout with respect to the MINI Ray: the presence of an additional tank for LPG, the LPG fuel intake next to the petrol fuelling opening and , inside the engine compartment, the presence of the rail and the ducts in the LPG circuit.
The toroidal LPG tank is housed underneath the boot, in place of the spare wheel, so that it does not affect boot size.

The MINI RAY G qualifies for state incentives for bi‐fuel LPG cars with low emissions (€2,000) and can stay on the road when traffic is limited to cut emissions, such as on days when vehicles with alternate number plates or no vehicles at all are allowed on the road.

The MINI RAY G meets all the safety standards of current legislation and complies with ECE/ONU 67/0 standards: this means it can be parked in underground lots up to the first underground level.