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Dacia launches Dual Fuel Model with Landi Renzo

Published on 11 December 2007

Dacia Launches Duel Fuel Model with Landi Renzo

Dacia car maker is to launch models that can be fueled with both gasoline and LPG.

The Sedan models based on LPG have two options available: the Preference 1.4MPI and the Laureate 1.4MPI models, made in partnership with Landi Renzo, world leader on the LPG market.

The carbon monoxide emissions of vehicles using LPG are by 18% lower than the emissions of gasoline-based cars. Moreover, LPG is a cheaper fuel, by 50% at least.

The two models can be ordered from May 22 at €8,000 for both models. The specific LPG filling facilities are provided by the Italian company Landi Renzo.

LPG is a fuel that can be used perfectly safely. The European norms for the installation are quite severe. Thus, the LPG tank is made of a special material, highly resistant, equipped with 5 safety devices and tested at 550C.

According to Dacia, more than 10 million cars fueled with LPG are currently being driven worldwide, of which 150,000 are in Romania. The LPG distribution network numbers more than 25,000 fuel stations in Europe, of which 1,000 are in Romania.