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CNG: If Italy were Ancona

Published on 30 November 2017

If all the Italian provinces had a diffusion of the CNG vehicles equal to that of the most virtuous province — which is Ancona, thanks to a CNG circulating park of 13.9% — the economic saving would be around 11 billion euros, while a lower CO2 emissions would be over 8 million and a half tonnes. This is the output of a study carried out by the Centro Studi Promotor (CSP).

The research sets an assumption: already last year, thanks to CNG vehicles, Italian families and companies have saved almost 2 billion euros in the fuel expenditure and it was possible to avoid CO2 emissions for nearly 1.5 million tonnes. Among the most virtuous regions — according to the survey — Emilia Romagna placed in 1st place, with a saving of over 416 million euros and less emissions for nearly 324mila tonnes. In the 2nd place is Marche region, where there has been a savings of 260 million euros and lower CO2 emissions for 200 tonnes. The research also confirms that Italy is the first place in Europe for the number of running CNG vehicles and availability of filling stations as well. Snam bet since ever on the "gas product", through the development of filling stations network -compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and biomethane- and by 2021 will invest 150 million euros to set up to 300 new natural gas filling stations in Italy.