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System OMEGAS LANDIRENZO Multipoint injection natural gas system


Multipoint injection natural gas system

The principal Landi Renzo natural gas system, and the most popular with automakers all over the world.

Careful selection of the components that go into the OMEGAS system guarantees excellent performance and makes the vehicle a pleasure to drive on any kind of road and in all weather conditions. The system passes the strictest durability tests, guaranteeing maximum efficiency over time.

The OMEGAS natural gas system meets the requirements of Euro 6 standards governing polluting emissions.

The system has OBDII connectivity via the K and CAN protocols for precise, advanced diagnostics of the natural gas system. The electronic control unit permits acquisition, monitoring and management of a variety of parameters on the gas system.

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  • For every car

  • Every street and climate

  • 100% Italian technology

  • ISO 9001
    ISO TS 16949

  • Guaranteed 2 years

How the system works




The LANDIRENZO OMEGAS 4.0 electronic control unit with an aluminium body, designed and built for integration with the electronics on new generation Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, offers you the possibility of connecting to your vehicle's OBDII (On Board Diagnostic II) to:

  • acquire and monitor petrol correctors during gas operation
  • compensate for variability in the quality and composition of gas

Use Omegas 4.0 to check the petrol injector connection and conduct diagnosis of operation on individual gas injectors, and to manage partially petrol-fuelled operation, guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of quality and durability. Its PIN-outs enable the ECU for management and control of external electronic devices.




A two-stage compensated membrane reducer with a water/gas heat exchanger, filter, high pressure gas solenoid valve, safety valve and a manometer with a gas level sensor. It guarantees optimal stability of outgoing pressure, benefiting all gas systems. Calibrated for delivery at a pressure of 2 bar (200 kPa) greater than the intake pressure. It stands out for its excellent nominal rate of flow of up to 40 kg/h under the nominal circumstances.




GIRS12 injector rails are designed and tested to guarantee very high performance and precision delivering fuel. Small size makes them easily adaptable to fit the engine compartment, and they are particularly strong and silent.

They guarantee very good hold even under extreme conditions with a IP6K9K connector.

Its 4 sizes makes it suitable for the requirements of engines of different levels of performance and different sizes (2-3-4 cylinders).

Square Switch


Square Switch

Square electronic control unit; functions include:

  • gas/petrol switch and indicator of fuel in use with two leds 
  • display of the quantity of gas in the tank with 5 leds.

Switch with an adjustable buzzer that sounds under the following conditions: switch back to petrol due to low pressure, switch back to petrol due to diagnosis.

Filling valve


Filling valve

The filling valve is usually installed in the engine compartment, but can sometimes be positioned inside the petrol cap door.

It includes connection to the refuelling system and a manual ball valve that opens and shuts off gas supply.

Natural Gas tank


Natural Gas tank

CNG tanks store natural gas at a high pressure. They are cylindrical in shape, and can be installed both inside and outside the boot. They come in different diameters, sizes and capacities.

Depending on the legislation of the market for which they are intended, they come with additional safety devices, such as an excess flow valve (which shuts off or restricts gas leaks in the event of a broken pipe) or systems that releases gas externally upon reaching a specific temperature or pressure. Further safety devices include manual shut-off valves, automatic shut-off solenoid valves, rupture disks and non-return valves.


  • Version
  • OMEGAS 8 CYL 3.0
  • OMEGAS 4 CYL 4.0
  • Cylinders
  • 5 6 8 CYL
  • 2 3 4 CYL
  • ODB
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • ECU
  • Reducer
  • Rail
  • GIRS 12 (not included)
  • GIRS 12 (not included)
  • Switch
  • Square
  • Square

What makes it special?

Compatible with the most stringent emission standards (Euro 6 ready)

Self-adaptive models based on petrol controls

OBDII connectivity on K and CAN protocols

Complete diagnostics of the gas system

Possible petrol contribution

Range of regulators optimized on power output

High-performance injector rail

Remote assistance for ECU calibration

Gas microleakages diagnosis

Petrol pump cut-off running on gas

Gas level indicator more accurate

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