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CNG Systems and components

When travelling with a natural gas fuelled car you save up to 50%* on fuel costs: you will start saving as soon as you drive.

Natural gas is one of the cleanest energy sources: it has no unburned hydrocarbon emissions, which are considered hazardous and carcinogenic, and cuts CO2 emissions by 20%. This is why these vehicles are allowed on the road when others are not.

LANDIRENZO natural gas systems permit conversion of all types of vehicles, with sequential, direct and conventional fuel injection. Contact a specialised workshop to find out which kind of installation is best for your vehicle.

LANDIRENZO natural gas systems are tested to meet the strictest safety standards: particularly the tanks, which have fully four safety valves. This is why they are allowed free access to underground parking lots.

LANDIRENZO systems are designed to achieve excellent performance in terms of power, flexibility and good engine functioning, without ever sacrificing the pleasure of driving.

* the % saved varies depending on the route travelled, fuel costs and vehicle model

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Dual Fuel systems: Diesel + Natural Gas

Dual Fuel systems: Diesel + Natural Gas

The Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel system is an innovative sequential injection system designed by Landi Renzo for conversion of diesel engines on commercial and public transport vehicles into engines capable of running on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

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Excellent! Satisfied!


What more can I say: it's what I was expecting from an LPG system. Everything was perfectly clear and precise, from the assistance service to ordering. I’m very happy with it.


Everything went very well


Everything went well, and I saved money.


The top!!! Thanks


I have already travelled 12 thousand km with your system and I'm perfectly happy with it. Thanks to the installers for their professionalism and courtesy.


This Landi system is great


I wish to praise the installers for their skill, earnestness and cordiality!
This workshop is a great advertisement for Landi Renzo.
I'm happy. Thanks again


This was my first online shopping experience and you were very professional, both you and your workshop, very earnest and competent.


In a word, EXCELLENT!
If your care selecting installers yields the kind of result I personally experienced, I would say your selection process is PRAISEWORTHY!


Why choose Landi Renzo?

Cut down on fuel costs.

Why choose Landi Renzo?

Breathe cleaner air.

Why choose Landi Renzo?

Play it safe and drive carefree.