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Product news

Published on 28 June 2017

The new version of the NG15 EV LP, with low-pressure solenoid valve, is ready for the market. Innovative features of the NG15 pressure reducer are, among others, the adjustable HP gas input, the low-pressure solenoid valve and a new pressure reducer body, improved in terms of gas heating.

Another important news is the availability of gasoline contributions on Evo L.

News for the software as well: two new features have been introduced on all remote control units.

First, the automatic full tank recognition and, furthermore, the “freeze frame”, which can automatically record the engine parameters, so that the installer can recover them when an analysis is needed, in order to solve a problem: a big step forward in increasing the problem solving effectiveness.

More, and intensive information activity towards Italian and foreign workshop networks about 2017 product range is now active.

More in-depth information in next upcoming commercial and technical info.