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LPG Systems and components

Installation of an LPG system in your car allows you to save up to 50%* on fuel costs.

Moreover, LPG is a clean energy source because it contains no fine particulate and cuts CO2 emissions, one of the principal causes of air pollution in cities, by 10%.

With an LPG system installed in your car, you can even drive in areas subject to traffic restrictions**.

Our systems may be installed on all kinds of vehicles, with sequential, direct or conventional fuel injection. Contact a specialised workshop to find out which kind of installation is best for your vehicle.

Four safety valves in the tanks and our strict standards make Landi Renzo's LPG systems eligible for parking on the first underground level of parking lots***.

Our systems don't sacrifice the pleasure of driving because they offer excellent performance in terms of power and flexibility.

* the % saved varies depending on the route travelled, fuel costs and vehicle model

** In the case of no-traffic days or alternating licence plates on the roads, it is advisable to check the issuing order.

In almost all cities that impose such traffic restrictions, LPG and Natural Gas fuelled vehicles are recognised as ecological and can travel freely.

*** LPG powered cars equipped with a system installed after January 2001, and therefore in compliance with Regulation R67/01, can be parked in any kind of garage, but only as low as the first underground level in the case of underground car parks. Other types of LPG powered cars can only be parked above ground, on levels not connected with underground levels, unless the owners adapt their installations to European regulations.

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Dual Fuel systems: Diesel + Natural Gas

Dual Fuel systems: Diesel + Natural Gas

The Diesel/Natural Gas Dual Fuel system is an innovative sequential injection system designed by Landi Renzo for conversion of diesel engines on commercial and public transport vehicles into engines capable of running on a blend of diesel and natural gas.

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Why choose Landi Renzo?

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Why choose Landi Renzo?

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